Our Vision

Welcome to the club.
We’re Salty. & we're a social club. 


a social group of swimmers


We have a passion to bring us all together through adventure. We’re here to inspire and help you to get salty. We’re a club that believes moving together helps spread happiness and health. 


We were born from a love of the ocean and outdoor recreation but overall we’re inspired by our big playground, Earth (it’s made up of 96.5% salt water!). Because of this, it means so much to us to give back in an effort to protect this precious resource.


Our products will give back in one way or another and you’ll see opportunities to volunteer, donate and get involved in our initiatives to make a difference to protect our playground and each other, 
the Salty. way.


Our products and experiences are there to help you enjoy life. They’re resources to help inspire you to adventure and evoke fond memories of previous endeavours through sight, smell or taste. 


We leave only footprints and memories where we’ve been and continually seek new experiences, friends and ways we can make a difference.


Thanks for joining the club now let’s get Salty.